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Gousto Discount Code - No contracts

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Hollyashaw Wed 30-Jan-19 15:12:46

Hello Mummas,

I just wanted to share with you a Gousto discount code that gives you 60% off your first box and then 30% off for the rest of the month, just enter code HOLLYSHAW at checkout.

Gousto has a huge variety of menu choices each week (many more than it's main competitor HelloFresh of which we've also tried and cheaper too!) it has personally really helped my family in that it has saved us so much time/stress shopping and meal planning, all the ingredients are measured out for you so there's no food wastage and it allows you to be super adventurous with meals you might not have otherwise contemplated. It certainly takes away the 'what to cook for dinner' dilemma! It's allowed my toddler to be more adventurous with his dinner too which is a big bonus smile

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