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Do you shop at Tesco?????

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temmy99 Mon 25-Jun-07 11:08:42

I have just concluded that after so many years of loyalty with Tesco, they are ripping my family off. Did you know that it is cheaper to buy a pack of 4 orange/apple juice than a six pack. What about vegetable/corn oil? It is cheaper to buy (3) 1 litre bottles than (1) 3 litre bottle. I thought it was just me with my money juggling brain, but the last straw was my dd1 crunchy nut cereal. As she likes it a lot, I always buy the 750gms, but just out of curiousity, I thought I would see if the 500gm would be cheaper and hey presto (500 + 250 = 750gm) came out cheaper. When next you are doing your shopping online, please test my theory. Let me know your verdicts please.

elasticbandstand Mon 25-Jun-07 11:13:09

i am a bit of a saddo, particularly since doing a "basic" maths course, i always check out price per kilo, sometimes they say price per kg, andfor somethign else, price per gram! sneaky.

choosyfloosy Mon 25-Jun-07 11:17:06

sorry i really try to avoid tesco as i think they are too powerful atm

but easy for me to say as the nearest one is further away than other supermarkets!

elasticbandstand Mon 25-Jun-07 11:20:17

i don't rate sainsbury's much either.
AND three for a pound or two, sometimes you only save 17p! what is the point of that! just gets you spending more!

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