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Pure Planet - referral codes - Share here - £25 Voucher

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hyb80 Wed 28-Nov-18 13:03:55

Share your Pure Planet referral codes here:

Really happy with my first energy company switch. Never left the so called "big 6" before but after reading the reviews and the fact you can leave at any time I decided to go for it. Winter month payments were £2 a month cheaper than Scottish power and the summer month payments were £40 a month cheaper.

The switch was easy, all I had to do was submit our meter readings and wait 15 days before the switch went live. Have now submitted our first meter readings and already in credit.

Really happy, didnt have to do anything so I would highly recommend Especially as they also offer a £25 amazon voucher to new customers. Have it in time for Christmas if you switch now.

£25 Amazon Voucher
click here to take advantage of this voucher

feel free to use this then post here to take advantage yourself!!!

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C0rina321 Wed 28-Nov-18 13:08:06

Good idea @hyb80

We had a really smooth switch from Scottish Power to Pure Planet

My monthly payments are lower than SP and the spring summer payments £40 a month cheaper. Fully recommend

Copy the link below to start you switch with a £25 voucher

hyb80 Wed 11-Sep-19 11:12:39

We have been with Pure Planet now for a year and have no complaints whatsoever.

Currently enjoying the cheaper summer rates and recently arranged for them to install a smart meter.

They now are offering £50 Amazon voucher for new members. Perfect for the lead up to Christmas

Simply copy and pasted to claim it You get £50 and as and existing member so do we. Once a member you get your own referral code.

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