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Pure Planet - Referral Code - £25 Amazon Voucher

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hyb80 Mon 19-Nov-18 14:42:49

Really happy with my first energy company switch. Never left the so called "big 6" before but after reading the reviews and the fact you can leave at any time I decided to go for it. Winter month payments were £2 a month cheaper than Scottish power and the summer month payments were £40 a month cheaper.

The switch was easy, all I had to do was submit our meter readings and wait 15 days before the switch went live. Have now submitted our first meter readings and already in credit.

Really happy, didnt have to do anything so I would highly recommend Especially as they also offer a £25 amazon voucher to new customers. Have it in time for Christmas if you switch now.

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hyb80 Mon 19-Nov-18 14:46:13

Doh! Forgot to say. Copy and paste this link into your browser to use it.

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MDR21 Tue 27-Nov-18 22:59:39

Swiched from First Utility who were initially good until their prices rose. Looking on comparison sites Pure Planet faired well. Read a feature in the Telegraph about them and thought why not give them a go.

Switching was very simple. Old supplier was soon in touch for meter reading confirming switch was to happen. All sorted and changed over within 17 days. No penalties for leaving and a fair pricing structure. Refreshing from the other providers and 100% renewable energy. The app so far seems easy to use with monthly readings taken.

Feel free to use the link to also get a £25 Amazon voucher when you join!

C0rina321 Wed 28-Nov-18 00:06:30

Hope this is ok. Had a really smooth switch from Scottish Power to Pure Planet

My monthly payments are lower than SP and the spring summer payments £40 a month cheaper. Fully recommend

Copy the link below to start you switch with a £25 voucher

beckyn86 Mon 07-Jan-19 15:53:53

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Mistymeg1 Fri 11-Jan-19 20:08:23

Been with Pure Planet several months now, all going great. Getting cheap clean, renewable Energy at wholesale price. No Complaints. I recommend switching. You are welcome to use my Referral link.
You are emailed a £25 Amazon voucher with the switch is complete.

Tom000 Fri 31-Jan-20 21:11:52

£50 reward if you switch to Pure Planet before 28 February 2020
using that link:

georgehale Wed 15-Apr-20 11:41:31

Thank you 😊

scottish123 Mon 10-Aug-20 09:08:17

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scottish123 Mon 10-Aug-20 09:10:28

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LAH74 Mon 10-Aug-20 20:28:11

Hello! It's currently a £50 voucher if you decide to switch to Pure Planet. I just signed up using one of the codes above, thanks in advance if anyone uses mine!
I can't seem to make the link blue to click on but you can always cut and paste! smile

ericamc Sun 20-Sep-20 12:47:02

£50 voucher for signing up for Pure Planet.
Really nice company, cheap electric and gas and easy to deal with.
Highly recommended.

ericamc Thu 12-Nov-20 15:26:00

Hi, just to say the £50 offer is now back on with Pure Planet! Get vouchers for Amazon or ASOS etc smile


cathos Mon 16-Nov-20 07:42:06

Hi - I've just switched to Pure Planet and it was incredibly easy and I love the way it can all be administered on my mobile app. I chose Pure Planet by using a comparison site and it compared the best in terms of price, ease of use and green credentials for me. It's taking me back in time though in that there's now a nightime (v cheap) and daytime (still cheap) tariff, so I'm putting the tumble drier on at 6am now!
Here's a link to get a £50 voucher.

Hope someone can make use of it.

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