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Get 10% off Ebay purchases until 8 pm

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AliceDMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 28-Sep-18 10:03:53

Hello everyone,

Ebay are offering 10% off all orders over £20 with code PAYDAY - shop now.

The deal is live until 8 pm tonight.

Offer valid until 8 pm 28/9/18, minimum spend £20, max discount £50. One use per account. Property and Cars, Motorcycles & Vehicles categories are excluded. Full T&Cs here.

Mumsnet carries some affiliate marketing links, so if you buy something through our posts, we may get a small share of the sale (more details here).

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GloGirl Fri 28-Sep-18 11:33:06

Sounds great!

PixieCutRegret Fri 28-Sep-18 17:01:47

The stunning 12 days of Christmas decoration is mine!!

ArtemisWeatherwax Fri 28-Sep-18 17:25:15

Dammit Pixie I was going to go for it!!

GloGirl Fri 28-Sep-18 17:57:39

Haha, I might have to make do with spending £1500 to buy each item individually to replicate it. As we know it ultimately cost him much much more than what he's selling it for grin

ArtemisWeatherwax Fri 28-Sep-18 18:03:47

it ultimately cost him much much more than what he's selling it for

Like his dignity and self-respect.

Miljah Fri 28-Sep-18 19:34:59

What is? Linky-linky!

ShotsFired Fri 28-Sep-18 19:50:11

Swooped in just in time and bought some very dull but necessary items I'd had rolling round my basket for a while!
Got it to £20.75 so very pleased with an instant £2 saving!

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