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Bulb referral code for £50 free

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itsallgravybaby Fri 07-Sep-18 13:46:47

Hi guys

I've been with bulb for a year now and very happy with them. Moved from Eon and the switch was easy - bulb reimbursed me for the £70 exit fees on my contract so I could leave early and I saved £20 a month on my bills.

The app is straightforward to submit readings either by entering or by sending a photo and their customer service has been spot on.

If anyone wants a referral code for a £50 credit on their bill (and I get a cheeky credit too) then I have one here:

Hope this helps someone!

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itsallgravybaby Fri 07-Sep-18 17:12:57

And they also send out payment reminders so you have a bit of advance warning in case you forget your direct debit date grin

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