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Cotswold Company?

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fiddlesticks123 Thu 02-Aug-18 19:51:39

Hi All

I need to buy a bed and chest of drawers which I've found on The Cotswold Company it's just coming out to a lot of money and I am determined to find a discount code of some sort - having no luck on line but I wondered if anyone has one or received a refer a friend code or something similar?


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PhilODox Thu 02-Aug-18 19:58:52

Only 10% I'm afraid- code is ETCS9 but that includes free delivery and free returns.
Lasts until 01/10/18

fiddlesticks123 Thu 02-Aug-18 20:07:08

Fantastic, thanks so much Phil, that's still £85 off the total order so every (not so) little helps!

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user1471514872 Thu 02-Aug-18 21:53:04

I ordered some bedroom furniture from them. It also came to a significant amount so I called and asked if they had any discount codes. They were very helpful and offered me a discount.

LadyGAgain Thu 02-Aug-18 21:54:15

If it's any consolation, we ordered our furniture from here and it's amazing quality. Came brilliantly packaged with a great delivery company. I would highly recommend again.

PhilODox Fri 03-Aug-18 11:43:04

Hope your new furniture is lovely! smile

I am coveting the navy blue larder cupboard... but I'd have to rip out a unit to fit it in! They're so compact and capacious though, I really want one.

Sidge Fri 03-Aug-18 12:38:39

I love The Cotswold Company.

We bought quite a few bits from them a few years ago, and when I called them to place another order a year later I asked if they'd do me a deal as a returning customer, and they did!

The furniture is lovely as well, really good quality and delivered to a room of your choice. Their after sales service is good too - one of the drawer knobs came off as the hole had been drilled too wide so they sent me a bag of replacement ones so i had spares in case the same happened again.

fiddlesticks123 Fri 03-Aug-18 12:45:56

I have bought quite a lot from them in the past as we were doing up various rooms so I wonder if it's worth making a call.

Those who called did you get a better discount than 10% & free delivery? I suppose the wiggle room depends on the value of the order but it's coming to £859 so I'm hopeful there is something they could do.

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