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Kite Clothing 50% off everything + extra 20%

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RosaBaby2 Wed 18-Jul-18 13:38:33

Hi all

I made an order last night in the 50% off everything sale and also used a 20% off recommend a friend code. Even bigger bargains!!

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Squeek19 Sat 05-Jan-19 11:04:04

Would somebody have a refer a friend for kite clothing 20 per cent code thank you

Jaxgreen Thu 21-Feb-19 23:51:00

Haggisfish Thu 21-Feb-19 23:53:49

Thank you jax!

Tillee Wed 06-Mar-19 21:31:09

Thank you Jax, I just used the code successfully smile

Annnaa Sun 30-Jun-19 11:09:51

Thanks Jax, me too smile

Aquarius1 Tue 16-Jul-19 09:50:22

Thank you @Jaxgreen - just used this successfully 👍🙂

TheHammaconda Thu 18-Jul-19 11:06:11

Thank you @Jaxgreen, what a bargain

Linaman Thu 26-Sep-19 21:32:23

This should work too. Have fun shopping. They are having 50% off at the moment - extra 15% on top of it with the link.

Snoodleberry Thu 26-Dec-19 14:30:05

Thanks to Linaman for that code! It still works smile !

Here is the code they gave me, but only gives 10% off - the sale online is huge at the moment though.

Happy shopping!

lemonsquash4 Sun 29-Dec-19 17:30:58

Thanks Linaman ! I used your code too.

jw15 Thu 09-Jan-20 10:05:09

Thank you @Jaxgreen - your code still works! 50% off in the sale as well smile

Beckycw Fri 14-Aug-20 20:03:20

Please feel free to use my 10% off code:

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