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Sunflowersforever Tue 12-Jun-18 01:40:55

For those looking to switch energy supplier, Bulb comes up as a top recommendation from Martin Lewis site plus Uswitch

You can switch at any point, so no long contracts

My code to get £50 off is

Good luck

Peterpiperpickledpepper Tue 07-Aug-18 20:41:10

Bulb is great! Cheapest supplier, no contract, £50 off - can’t fault them!

Feel free to use my referral link when signing up and get £50 off:

Sunflowersforever Sat 11-Aug-18 21:35:45

British Gas prices going up, so maybe Bulb looking like a good option. Bulb pay all exit fees, no long term contract, and great app.

I recommend Bulb as a long term mumsnetter

Click on my link for £50 off

TisMeCarl Thu 30-Aug-18 10:12:39

Hi All

I make donations to the local Dog and Cat Shelter from the referrals. I just want to be open about actually giving the money to the Dog and Cat Shelter.

Today I was able to make another donation, £50. Please if you're going to switch could you help me raise more money for them.

Bluewoohoo Sun 02-Sep-18 00:36:43

My bills have gone down a lot. Now paying £39 a month on average with Bulb from £70 before. Worth the switch.

My referral to get £50 off is

Just tap on it and go

simbiantbeing Mon 03-Sep-18 10:33:42


As a creature of habit and of course fear, panic and scepticism, I have only ever been with one of the big six energy companies - Scottish Power for 9 years and SSE Scottish Hydro for 8 years, but it was time to take a brave pill and tell SSE that our relationship was no longer working. “It’s not you, it’s me” I told them - that in fact is a lie. It’s all them. SSE is frankly a greed monster who just wants me for my money. So after taking advice from Martin Lewis, that money guy from his own website and ITV fame, the internet and doing some comparing of Meerkats and Opera Singers, I flipped a coin and Bulb Energy beat OVO to the ‘honour’ of my hard earned groats.

We are over!

My 3 year fixed term relationsh….deal was coming to an end and SSE wanted me to pay £122 a year (combined gas and leccy). This was frankly more than I could ever find down the back of the sofa. I must admit I was royally nervous about moving suppliers especially to a company who seem to employ only enough people to fill my smallest room, however, after finding a review online and using some random referral code (which I thought wouldn’t work and was a scam) in order to have £50 credit thrust at me, I went for it. The link took me to Bulb’s very easy and clean website and a ‘switch’ page which indicated that this was going to be a painless and a possibly exciting 3 minutes in my life as I basically save money very quickly for no hassle. After entering all my details and refining my quote based on my highest ever yearly Kwh readings (20598 gas, 2683 leccy) from the last 12 months due to the awful winter, bulb quoted me a paltry £89.79 a month. Over £32 less a month than SSE which is a lot - in fact that is the equivalent of 64 jars of Tesco Savers Jam. Plus £50 was heading my way! This seemed too good to be true….

It takes 21 days from clicking the button at which point Bulb will take your first payment as you pay in advance for energy - a bit different to SSE and then after this point you can monitor your energy usage and increase or decrease your payments as you see fit. It’s a very open relationship.

I am overpaying a little until I figure out how economical the move has been then tweak my payments after a few months.

Bulb and Bulby Stuff…and more fear.

Bulb are a little company who like trees, badgers and sparrows which makes them sounds good and cuddly - but what if it goes wrong? What if Bulb go bust because they invested heavily in the failing Bolivian Turnip industry? Well, because we have OFGEM they won’t let you go cold or dark plus having no get out fee means I am not trapped and can run away screaming back to SSE on my knees begging forgiveness and for one more chance.

Bulb have only one variable tariff (whaaattt!!) unlike SSE who have over 30 which is stupid and confusing. If however, the tariff ever creeps up with Bulb to the point of reaching SSE prices I could move to a fixed long term deal elsewhere, but it would have to increase by a huge amount to have the variable rate cause a problem.

Bulb care about our big marble and only sell electricity created by our lovely star, some wind and the sea doing its tide shenanigans. The Gas is partly from reclaimed sources too....Cows flatulence probably.


The bulb website is super. Its simple - great for a thicko like me, and has no fancy big words or horrid small print. Its easy to know what you want find, the FAQs are very good and answer all my questions. The web chat is great and you can chat with a squirrel loving Bulb employee called Jake or Dan and ask questions or enjoy some banter.

There is a phone app too which you can check your account and do other Bulb things like change payments and other energy related faff.

Bribery….or clever advertising?

Why haven’t you ever seen a Bulb advert? Well, that is because (with the exception of a small TV ad in like three streets in Brighton), Bulb do not advertise on TV or Radio. Therefore, bulb advertise by bribing people…..Bulb give you £50 credit for signing up. You then get given a referral which you can post on TwitGram, InstaFace, WhatsTrest, YouBook, FaceTube or wherever and then you get more credit too when people use your link. Then more people refer others to get £50 and so on an so on…this time next year we will be millionai….fifty quid better off! That must cost a fortune I hear no one asking, but undoubtedly it is cheaper this way then paying ITV to place an advert halfway through some Essex Island Love Factor programme. Well done Bulb - I hate adverts but love cash.

Shameless marketing by Bulb? Nope, credit where credit is due - literally - that is clever advertising. The public are employed by Bulb. Plus, it means a bit of spare cash to spend on the kids.

Are Bulb Good?

Yes. Bulb seem lovely so far - and cheap and love koalas and dandelions. Was it a good decision moving to Bulb? If I save £400 a year, which it is looking good, then yes. Do a lot of reviews appear because of positive reinforcement of free money? Of course they do. The only couple of negatives so far and the chat facility is rather slow and once I never got a response, and the phone app does seem to go down for maintenance now and again. Plus, the unknown aspect of a small company. However, there should be no fear leaving the energy juggernauts because frankly they think they own us. Plus, OFGEM have one arm around the customer. Don’t panic - move to Bulb. Because gas is gas, leccy is leccy and money means my children will have a haircut this week.

Thanks for reading - and thanks very much in advance if you use my referral link below - this will gain us free energy made by windmills and flatulent cows. My Bulb Referral Sign-up link is:

Sunflowersforever Sun 09-Sep-18 21:19:16

Bulb is cheap, cheerful, and green.

For £50 off tap on my link

TisMeCarl Tue 25-Sep-18 07:32:19

You guys are amazing. Someone has clicked my link and I Thank You. You're helping me support The Dog and Cat shelter. As soon as the money comes through I'll make another donation, and of course I'll upload another screenshot. If anyone else would like to help

Sunflowersforever Sun 30-Sep-18 10:29:02

Still the best deal for energy, low bills and green energy

Click on my link for £50 off

JasJ Mon 01-Oct-18 10:27:00

Disappointed I didn't know about this before buying. Got £30 cashback but could have been more for someone else too.

On the plus size their rates were way cheaper than the EDF variable rate I was on before. No contract either, pretty impressive!

PattiStanger Mon 01-Oct-18 10:34:11

Still the best deal for energy

Not for everyone, that's not true, if anyone is looking to change supplier please check all the comparison sites, don't just listem to someone who's after your £50 referal bung

Sunflowersforever Mon 01-Oct-18 17:00:06


It's been by far the cheapest for me. My bills have dropped massively and the app is so much easier to use to give instant readings, plus you can exit whenever you want AND they pay your exit costs if you're in contract.

I'm sure mumsnetters are smart enough to shop around for the best deal for them. If Bulb is it, then using a code on here helps them smile

PattiStanger Mon 01-Oct-18 19:10:23

That's not what you said though is it?

And in general people aren't well informed about energy tariffs despite the good work done by Martin Lewis and other advisors and might be tempted by the £50 without looking into it properly for their particular circumstances.

It's great that you are on the cheapest tariff for you but it's not necessarily going to be the cheapest for everyone.

Sunflowersforever Mon 01-Oct-18 23:33:06

Eh, ok. confused

jameshowdle Fri 12-Oct-18 23:01:05

I've been with Bulb for a couple of years now and very happy. Green energy at excellent prices with a £50 sign up bonus and no exit fees smile

Link below if you'd like to sign up:

barleyreed Wed 24-Oct-18 09:46:50

In case anyone else is looking to switch energy providers, I just switched and have saved loads! The switchover is super easy plus if you use Quidco there is £15 cashback for single fuel or £30 cashback for dual fuel! The Bulb app is brilliant too. Bulb were by far the cheapest in my area and I checked out the reviews which are great.

My referral code is: this would give us each £50 credit 

Thank you x

Sunflowersforever Sun 28-Oct-18 22:53:03

Still using Bulb and happy to recommend

Just tap the link for £50 off

Bleurgh0 Tue 30-Oct-18 06:25:39

I've been with Bulb a year now, so they're offering £100 via my referral code until midnight tonight (after that it will be £50):

Bleurgh0 Fri 02-Nov-18 17:34:15

Thank you to the person who used my link.

Sunflowersforever Sat 03-Nov-18 19:13:59

Wishing everyone a toasty winter with quality heating at an affordable price. 😊 My bills are so much lower and my house warm

Click on my link for £50 off

ashley396 Sun 11-Nov-18 15:47:43

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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