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Mumsnet Deals: 55% off HelloFresh for Mumsnetters

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HannahGMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 11-Apr-18 09:31:36

Hi everyone,

HelloFresh are offering Mumsnetters 55% off their first and second recipe boxes - the perfect solution for quick and easy home made meals.

Make the most of this offer here, and enter code MNHF55 at checkout.

This offer is for new customers only.

Mumsnet carries some affiliate marketing links, so if you buy something through our posts, we may get a small share of the sale (more details here).

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DeniseBest Wed 11-Apr-18 15:26:12

Does this code work for Australia too?

QueenieS Wed 11-Apr-18 19:27:11

I've just looked at this but find it very offputting that you can't choose or even see the recipes before putting in payment details.

What if I don't like any of them? At least with Gousto it's easy to see what they are selling.

ScienceIsTruth Wed 11-Apr-18 19:54:48

@QueenieS You can look at the menu for the work before you order. Once you're on the site, click on 'start cooking' tab and then when you can see the different boxes available to order you can select 'our menus' from the drop down menu on the top left hand side of the screen.

This shows you the week's menu for each type of deal. You can also look at future weeks and the present week. HTH. smile

QueenieS Wed 11-Apr-18 20:18:25

Thank you very much!

slyoldfoxystoat Wed 11-Apr-18 20:31:16

This is so expensive even with 50% off! Gousto is much better value

QueenieS Wed 11-Apr-18 20:38:22

There aren't many offers on for existing gusto customers though

AHobbyaweek Wed 11-Apr-18 21:42:01

Much prefer Gousto and have had nothing but trouble with Hello Fresh. Not worth it.

PointlessUsername Wed 11-Apr-18 22:50:29

Way to expensive even with 50% off

diodati Wed 11-Apr-18 23:21:22

I used HelloFresh last year and it was a disaster. The food was never once delivered on time. It would usually arrive several days late or never at all. So constant emailing back and forth, apologies from them, partial reimbursements or none at all. And although the ingredients are measured and packaged, the food prep is labor intensive. Maybe they've improved since but I would never buy into that nonsense again.

diodati Wed 11-Apr-18 23:22:26

And yes, hellishly expensive!

OrdinaryGirl Thu 12-Apr-18 06:28:02

Does the code work if you've ordered from them before?

Strax Thu 12-Apr-18 07:18:33

We've had a box from HelloFresh before so assume it wouldn't work for me. We switched to Gousto too, I can't understand why HelloFresh restrict what you can have in each box so much! I like to order a mix of veggie and non-veggie food and we change portion numbers depending on what we're doing which is so easy and simple on Gousto and so stupidly difficult on HF. I've sent that feedback to them too when they did the 'tell us what you think' survey when you cancel the account. Shame because they have some nice recipes.

chandlersfraud Thu 12-Apr-18 08:41:35

When we tried Hello Fresh the fresh ingredients herbs etc would often go off before we used them.

Currently trying Gousto but although I like the idea of more choice I quite liked that HF it was just chosen for you and I didn't have to make decisions! (I know that would happen too with Gousto if I didn't do anything)

Flampingu Thu 12-Apr-18 13:03:29

I actually prefer the quality of HF to gousto. Gousto use far more packaging and it all feels very thrown together.

WipsGlitter Thu 12-Apr-18 13:39:58

I love my HelloFresh box! Takes all the thinking out. I'd like an option to order for three people on the family box though.

Strax Thu 12-Apr-18 13:43:15

Love the fact that the targeted advertising on this thread is for SimplyCook 😆

TwittleBee Thu 12-Apr-18 15:41:48

But like why is the window of delivery a whole 11 hours! Blimey I don't want to be stuck in doors all Saturday waiting for it to be delivered!

Flampingu Thu 12-Apr-18 20:38:51

You’re not twittle you get an hour slot on the day

WipsGlitter Thu 12-Apr-18 20:44:47

Mine is just left outside. There's ice packs in the meat bag.

TwittleBee Thu 12-Apr-18 22:08:16

But how am I meant to organise my weekend if I don't know the slot till the day? Certainly could be left outside my house (would just be on the street!). Ah well not for me then!

CherryChasingDotMuncher Thu 12-Apr-18 23:18:32

Hello Fresh is amazing.

Is this deal for new customers only?

CherryChasingDotMuncher Thu 12-Apr-18 23:20:18

Wips you can order for 3 people!

WipsGlitter Fri 13-Apr-18 07:04:57

Can you order the family box for three though?

sparklefarts Fri 13-Apr-18 08:20:11

Hellofresh are awful. The food was nice but their attitude stinks.
I bought a voucher from groupon for a half price arrives without three of the ingredients (one being the meat part) so I ring them thinking they'll just arrange to deliver the missing items..but no after much arguing it comes down to hellofresh saying 'well you didn't pay full price so there's nothing we will do'

I was so angry with their attitude I argued with them for AGES and they eventually sent me a free box the next week. Despite me saying I had no interest in ever having their food again, free or not.

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