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Free £50 Bulb Energy Referral

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TisMeCarl Fri 10-Nov-17 21:42:26

Hi Folk smile

I switched to Bulb Energy and have been impressed with their green credentials and their customer service. I have been on average saving £15 a month since I changed energy supplier. If anyone is interested in signing up to Bulb they pay for your exit fees with your current supplier and give you (and me) £50.

Use my link to get £50 Free Credit towards your first bill.

LapdanceShoeshine Fri 10-Nov-17 22:08:07

I'm with bulb too - I only switched a couple of months ago but if I try one of those energy switching sites nobody can beat them so far, & all their electricity is from renewables.

The app and the website both work really well, & they ask for monthly meter readings so you can keep on top of your usage & payments.

My switching link is smile

TisMeCarl Sun 12-Nov-17 16:31:28

You’re absolutely right, they’re very cheap, excellent customer service and Green!

TisMeCarl Sun 12-Nov-17 21:14:51

Thank you, whoever it was that used my link. It’s much appreciated. I’ll be donating half to Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter

JLbaby Sun 12-Nov-17 21:18:50

Another Bulb lover here! They’re excellent, brilliant customer service too.

My link is here if anyone wants to use it.

bluesky1421 Mon 13-Nov-17 11:45:04

I can vouch for them too - Have just changed to Bulb after years of issues with the traditional companies - should have changed sooner! Process is quick and easy, website and app to manage account are easy to use, customer service is excellent - easy to contact and get through - a refreshing changing! And renewable energy too :-)

They offer £50 credit on signing up if use a referral link - if you are still looking for a link please feel free to use the link below, will help us out lots too :-). They are offering £100 referral payment for this week as special offer

Dora8686 Mon 13-Nov-17 14:07:25

Hi Everybody,

Finally I have found a great energy and gas supplier!

I have been with one of the six biggest energy supplier for 9 years and paid a furtune. I was looking for a new company who uses renewable energy and I have found Bulb. First I was sceptical like many others as they quoted me that I can save £568 a year!! I thought to myself it is too good to be true but I have nothing to loose so why not give it a try...and thanks God I did. I have been with bulb for a couple of months now. They are great, their customerservice tream is excellent and I am definitely saving money.

There are many referral links available here but if you feel like that you are going through the same dilemma as I did, please use my link. This week they are offering £100 credit for you joining Bulb with a referral link. I have done them same for a random person when I joined.

Good luck and I hope you will be as satisfied with your new energy supplier as thousands of us are today.

Thank you for reading and using my referral link. smile

Have a wonderful day.

TisMeCarl Wed 15-Nov-17 10:38:28

Switch at the moment via a referral link to BulbEnergy (100% Green , Renewable Electricity) and get £100 credited to your account, as well as saving £££ compared to others.

DonnaJP Sat 18-Nov-17 16:58:20

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

TisMeCarl Sun 19-Nov-17 16:42:12

This £100 referral runs out tomorrow night, then reverts back to £50.

MoneySavingExpert have done a write up about Bulb and the offer.

tsvk9 Fri 24-Nov-17 15:02:02

Hi, I just used your referal link to Bulb because I saw your post saying that you would donate to your local dogs and cats home. I know you didn't say you would do that for every referal but I chose your link out of hundreds in the hope that I could ask you to do the same for me. I know it's a tight time of year but just a little would help them and I'll do the same for my local shelter, NAWT Hayle. Bless you.

TisMeCarl Fri 24-Nov-17 15:12:51

My partner and I decided we’d donate everything up until the new year at least.

You’re making a big difference. Thank You 🙏

TisMeCarl Tue 28-Nov-17 13:29:19

Just thought I’d pop back to show 40% from my £50 that I got when I joined was donated to Dog and Cat Shelter and 50% from my first referral went to Dog and Cat Shelter (only had one that’s come through so far).

TCA1968 Fri 15-Dec-17 19:34:21

If any mum or dads out there would like a little bit more referral cash from their Bulb switch, I'm offering to split my £50 referral so you'd get £75 in total. All details in the link below. Thanks in advance to anyone who switches:

Bulb Referral

glitterprincess76 Tue 26-Dec-17 22:01:29

Been with bulb since June now and can honestly say I'm very pleased with them. ❤️They provide my gas and electricity. Very smooth switch over as once I filled in my details they done the rest including letting British Gas know that I had left them. Very friendly and helpful advisers if you ever have to call. Feel free to take advantage of my referral code which gives you £50 bonus credit if you decide to switch .

itsgoingtoofast Fri 05-Jan-18 19:54:16

Here's my referral code!

I've been really pleased with them so far, their customer service seems brilliant! The app is really good and easy to use too smile

TisMeCarl Fri 05-Jan-18 20:08:42

Thank You.

We're still donating to the Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter, when this money comes through I'll donate then too.

Added photos as proof I am donating money for each referral

TCA1968 Thu 11-Jan-18 17:05:58

Updated link for my post of 15th December:

£75 Bulb Referral

karen88 Sat 13-Jan-18 13:26:21

Switched to Bulb and save £300 per year compared to my Scottish Power quote.
Also the fact that you're helping the environment by choosing a company sourcing renewable energy is a big bonus, supplying 100% renewable energy and 10% green gas. With a friendly UK based customer call center who answer the phone quickly and don’t leave you waiting for 20 minutes to get through to someone.
Excellent customer service and the cheapest tariff I could find, they even cover any exit fees.
Check out what YOU can save via BUT don't click to switch via Uswitch; instead use the referral link at the bottom of my post and Bulb will give you a welcome discount of £50.
Click my link and you will get £50 straight away and if your friends then use your link to switch you will get another £50 for each person who switches to Bulb
Take advantage of a £50 credit to your account when you switch by using the link below, I used a referral link and the credit was applied immediately to my new account as soon as we switched.
Just copy and paste both lines below into your browser:

focusnj Thu 08-Feb-18 16:03:37

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

focusnj Thu 08-Feb-18 16:05:42

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

TisMeCarl Sat 24-Mar-18 10:24:51

Hi all

Someone used my link - so I’ll be donating to the Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter as soon as it comes through. If anyone else is looking to switch I (and the cat and dog shelter) would be extremely grateful.

TisMeCarl Wed 04-Apr-18 00:22:46

Hi All

In order to be transparent as possible I wanted to show I’ve donated more money from your switches to Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter.

Thank You for your support

MayaZ Tue 17-Apr-18 19:42:38

Have just swapped as well, fingers crossed they turn out to be decent. If anyone is thinking about it please can I give you my link as nobody has joined using mine?
[on a mobile device delete the space]

lovemylover Tue 17-Apr-18 19:57:08

I have just had a quote and its more than i am paying now, they ask how many bedrooms but dont ask how many people live there

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