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I have downloaded Pouch.

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BanyanTree Tue 22-Aug-17 15:06:16

I have had a quick look on here and it seems that none of you were watching Dragons Den a few days ago.

There was a company on there that has created an app that brings up voucher codes for whatever website you are looking at. I am not sure if the companies have to sign up to it but I am already using it. For example, I just looked at beauty website and it gave me 2 available voucher codes.

If you download the app, it looks like a Pinterest button, it highlights any available codes for whatever you are looking at.

I don't work for them. Just trying to be helpful as you lovely people have given me loads of codes in the past.

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Pillerton Wed 23-Aug-17 15:29:34

I've downloaded it too. Seem to work fine, got 2 codes for The White Company, one 10% one 15%, but want to know if they give you best codes available or just any random two codes? Are there any 20% off codes for White Company at all?

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