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Ginpuddles Mon 01-May-17 14:41:11

Does anyone want a free box of flowers from Freddie's Flowers? (

You need to create an account and the first box is free, then either cancel the account or continue.

I've been pleased with the quality and longevity of the flowers - current box delivered on 17 April still going strong. And it's easy to skip weeks. I've also found the customer service good when I needed contact them.

Disclaimer: if you sign up for a box, I get a free box too.

I've four codes - please PM me if you'd like one.

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MrTumblesbitch Mon 01-May-17 14:42:40

Ooh me please! I was just thinking about trying one of these boxes today. I'd love to try if there are still codes going free!

Ginpuddles Mon 01-May-17 15:05:00

MrTumble - will PM you a code when I get back home later.

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torthecatlady Mon 01-May-17 15:10:47

Oh and me please! I've never heard of this company before!

Nanasueathome Mon 01-May-17 15:12:22

Could I have a code please

FortyFacedFuckers Mon 01-May-17 15:13:12

I'll take one if you have any left?

MrTumblesbitch Mon 01-May-17 15:15:32

Thank you so much! If I get codes I'll pass them forward too so it will pass the goodwill on. Thank you! flowers

PetraDelphiki Mon 01-May-17 15:17:23

They are fabulous...will see if I have any codes if anyone else wants (if OP runs out)...I end up with at least 3 bunches on the go!

Ginpuddles Mon 01-May-17 15:28:05

Forthecat, Nanna and Forty - yes, will send on a code later today.

Petra - thanks for picking up the baton!

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Ginpuddles Mon 01-May-17 15:28:32

Sorry - Nana

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pinkieandperkie Mon 01-May-17 15:40:41

I had an email with the code FREDLIST this morning and it worked for me.

FortyFacedFuckers Mon 01-May-17 15:51:21

Thank you @Ginpuddles flowers

ttcnovice Mon 01-May-17 16:38:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ginpuddles Mon 01-May-17 19:34:02

OK - everyone who asked has had a PM, I hope! Do let me know if it doesn't arrive.

Thanks very much and hope you enjoy the flowers flowers

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PetraDelphiki Mon 01-May-17 22:43:16

If anyone else needs one PM me!

FortyFacedFuckers Tue 02-May-17 08:55:00

Thank you @Ginpuddles I have ordered mine! flowers
If anyone else wants a code let me know!

Nanasueathome Thu 04-May-17 16:24:40

My flowers arrived today and I now have a code if anyone wants to pm me
They are lovely flowers. I'm very pleased with then

helen376481 Sun 27-May-18 14:35:53


helen376481 Tue 29-May-18 16:04:17

Flowers arrived and they are lovely. So I highly recommend the flowers.

Remember when ordering for the first time use my code NeilE5663 and you get a free bunch and so do I...

Give it a try :-)

MissLadyM Mon 05-Nov-18 13:53:24

Thank you! I've got a free code if anyone wants one!

MissLadyM Mon 05-Nov-18 14:31:16

Code SheilaM1

Fausta Mon 05-Nov-18 18:04:18

Thank you MissLadyM!

Fatata Mon 05-Nov-18 20:33:35

If you'd like my code for your first free bunch of flowers please message me!

Fatata Thu 08-Nov-18 08:53:49

Aren't they beautiful? You can use the code MariaS13 to have them for free!

MissLadyM Fri 09-Nov-18 23:13:44

They are great. Get a free box with SheilaM1

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