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Price comparison for supermarkets

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user1473275718 Wed 07-Sep-16 20:35:41


I am creating a site for comparing prices between supermarkets and showing you any good deals. The problem I found is most special deals are simply prices going repeatedly up and down. The site find whether the new price is the lowest it has ever seen in that and other supermarkets. For example today Huggies Pull Ups 16 are down to £2.00 at Sainsburys and that looks like a good deal, but Sainsbury's Little Ones Dry Fit Size 4 Maxi 48 Nappies down to £3.00 is not as good as it has seen it at £2 just last week.

This is just a prototype, but would people find it useful?


EddieStobbart Fri 09-Sep-16 00:59:10

I use mysupermarket for this. It seems effective, I often use it check if something I think is a bargain is actually cheaper elsewhere. I think you can do your whole shop through it and pick the vendor who is offering your basket of good most cheaply although I never use that function.

Would your site be different?

EddieStobbart Fri 09-Sep-16 01:00:23

It also tells you how the price compares with historic pricing

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