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24% off hotels in UK and book direct w/hotel - no vouchers or booking fees

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Bagpuss007 Mon 15-Aug-16 10:38:31

There's a new website called and they've got a couple of nice hotels that will give you 24% off if you ring up/book online and quote It cuts out the middlemen like Groupon and Wowcher, and no booking fees like Secret Escapes. They are only asking for a small fee to feature hotels so hotels can discount more directly to customers.

There's a 5 star New Inn Clapham in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales where you can climb the peaks, explore caves, go on steam train engines across countryside etc. It's down from £100 to £84 for 2 incl breakfast on Sun-Thurs. Limited offer & subject to availability.

There's a Birmingham hotel too so you can take 2 kids free with you, 1 kid per adult and book a famiily room - quite family orientated. Includes breakfast for 2 people, but just £5 extra for kids breakfasts. Down from £100 to £76. It's their City Break offer. A lot to see in Birmingham - take the kids to Cadbury's Word, Sea Life Centre, jewellery museum, motorcycle museum.

Enjoy! If you know of any great travel/hotel offers - pls let me know!

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