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M&S back to school 20% off

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Loulou2kent Tue 02-Aug-16 07:38:53

So every year I buy my sons uniform for the following year before school breaks up for the summer. This year due to not having the funds (I had another thread on this) I missed the 20% off. Does anybody know if they tend to do another 20% off uniform just before kids go back to school?

Not sure if I should hold out & wait & see, or pay full price & just order it now?

So annoyed that someone else's twatness has meant I missed it angry

Thanks in advance to anyone who responds!

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Spindlewood Tue 16-Aug-16 16:11:42

Hello , not an expert on this but do shop a lot at M and S . From what I recall they do not repeat . It always is June time , I think your only hope will be a friends and family code if you ever get those for the odd 20% off day but they are very random when they send them . I get them as have a store card and buy online a lot , but am also waiting go buy school uniform too as I missed it this year . Could you just buy the minimum as I think they sometimes do an offer again around October half term ?

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