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JustLooking launches as a new deal sharing site

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RenegadeJL Tue 26-Jul-16 10:26:20

Hi all, I'm a moderator at and I wanted to share the news that we've just launched.

JustLooking is an innovative site to discover, share and discuss exciting deals, vouchers and discounts. Deals are submitted and voted on by members.

Uniquely, JustLooking shares 50% of profits from its revenues with its contributor members based on activity. Because all deals are voted on by members, this keeps things bias free.

Our philosophy is that its unfair that all existing member based deal websites make money from affiliate relationships, but do not share any of it with their users. We created JustLooking to reward people who post and share great deals. Because people get rewarded for sharing, everyone is guaranteed that JustLooking will always have the best and most up to date deal info available.

Please check us out. We're completely free to use and you may find a deal that takes your fancy!

Find out more at
Or watch our explanatory video at

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