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LoveFoodUK Sun 15-May-16 13:18:21

Hello and Happy Sunday to you!

We want to say a great BIG "Thank You!" to everyone who has downloaded our new cook book and to celebrate it hitting the Number 1 Bestseller spot on Amazon yesterday, we've extended the time you can get your copy for nothing - that's right: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING - for TODAY!

Yes: FREE! It's called "Food to Love Cook Book - From dawn 'til dusk recipes"!

For TODAY ONLY! So hurry...don't miss out on finding out why so many have downloaded this exciting new cook book.

You can look forward to discovering easy-to-follow instructions on each recipe, a full list of ingredients to help you and a photo of each dish. The book provides you with recipes from breakfast through to lunch and beyond to puddings for the occasional treat, too.

To get your very own copy of our new book, it's available on Amazon now:

And please help us share our love of food by telling all your friends and family about this extra special and very limited offer...your very own free cook book to download NOW!

Happy cooking, everyone!

Sharing our love of food - Love Food UK

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LoveFoodUK Sun 15-May-16 14:12:48

Note to would help if we uploaded the correct screensave!

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LoveFoodUK Sun 15-May-16 17:53:01

The URL is here, fellow Mumsnetters:

Happy cooking!

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