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Habitat discount code?

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twolittleboysonetiredmum Wed 11-May-16 09:43:32

Does anyone have one? I'm going to buy some Furniture but reluctant to unless I can get some money off!

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deliadah Wed 11-May-16 10:51:36

What kinds of furniture? Like a sofa or mattress or coat racks?
Heading to voucher code website, maybe can help you.

twolittleboysonetiredmum Wed 11-May-16 11:07:28

Bedside tables and a chest of drawers...cheers 😊

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deliadah Sat 14-May-16 11:08:55

Maybe you can head to amazon or aldi to check some pieces of furniture out. Amazon has a good refund policies, you can have a try.

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