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Kids Books for £1 and £5/£10 off - offer

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mumintheoven Mon 25-Jan-16 14:16:34

This was on the Martin Lewis bit on TV last week and I just stocked up on a load of books for party bags and for presents. Basically buy 10 or more books from a long list and you only pay £1 per book.

There are extra discount codes too that work on top of the £1 offer plus across the whole of the Scholastic Book sale (I also got some Roald Dahl books for £2.99 each for example.)

I spent more than £30 so entered JAN165 and got £5 off but you can get £10 off orders over £50 if you put in JAN1610 (but even I couldn't spend that much on children's books!)

Thought I'd pass it on. I'm looking forward to a big box of books arriving! Happy shopping!

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Toosmall Mon 25-Jan-16 15:17:05

I've been on the site too mumuintheoven - 10 books for a tenner plus a Harry Potter pack of all the books for £24 with the fiver off. Brilliant!

SisterMoonshine Mon 25-Jan-16 18:26:18

Thank you smile

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