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Micro Scooter Promo Codes - anyone has one?

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LadyMcFish Wed 11-Nov-15 09:53:54

I seems to vaguely remember that there is a promo code for free delivery in November in the micro-scooter newsletter before I decided to chuck it out.... Typically DD decides she wants a scooter for xmas hmm

Macaronipony Wed 11-Nov-15 10:04:30

Their website currently has free delivery on all scooters

surreycinderella Fri 20-Nov-15 12:36:02

These scooters are around £99 in the UK and rarely discounted. I found a discussion on Mumsnet and on hot deals about German company Der-Rollenshop is selling for 79.85 euros (slightly more for limited edition colours) plus 14.95 euros delivery to UK = 94.80 euros which for me, on the day I ordered, worked out at £66 as the pound is so strong against the euro at the moment.

Find them at

Their website had a fully English version, as does DPD who they use to ship, and the delivery is fully trackable.

I don't think the micros are much cheaper than in the Uk but a saving of £34 on the Maxi was well worth it for me. Hope this helps :-)

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