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GLTC discount code

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3maybe4 Mon 02-Mar-15 18:42:38

Does anyone have a code for great little trading company please? smile

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pussycatwilks Tue 03-Mar-15 12:23:45

Just spotted this 20% off GLTC Voucher Code I hope it is of help?

3maybe4 Wed 04-Mar-15 12:42:30

Thank you. Tried it and it didn't work. Contacted GLTC and its a false code hmm.

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LuxuryTrifle Thu 05-Mar-15 11:25:45

Following this too - I found PreciousLittleOnehas some of the same stuff slightly cheaper, but of course some is exclusive to gltc...

InYearAdmissions Thu 05-Mar-15 14:59:57

I want one too, been scouring internet and can't find annoyed I missed Mumsnet one!

LuxuryTrifle Thu 05-Mar-15 17:46:07

InYear - yes - I am also kicking myself for missing that!

pussycatwilks Fri 06-Mar-15 09:30:02

@3maybe4, I have just used the code again and it worked for me. Its only 20% off if you spend £150 and over. I suppose if you are not spending this amount it wont work?

3maybe4 Fri 06-Mar-15 11:33:01

How strange! Yep it's just worked for me now too - thanks so much. Customer services definitely said it was a scam code started unofficially - they must have decided to accept it!
Thanks again

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