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Any promo codes for a Maxi Microscooter?

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MAsMum Mon 03-Nov-14 21:04:06

Some "not very nice person" has stolen my five year olds maxi Microscooter from our driveway and my son is devastated as it was his pride and joy. I am thinking that maybe Santa may be able to make it all better by squeezing in a maxi microscooter in his sack but I would like to help him out by finding a discount code which may make it a bit cheaper!!So I was wondering if you any of you very nice people have seen or know of any?

Thank you so much,

A v grateful mum !!

pootlebug Mon 03-Nov-14 21:55:44

No promotional code but I bought from . I bought two (so within £90+ free delivery….it's worth asking around to see if a friend is buying too as the free delivery is quite a big saving), and they arrived within 3 days, no issues. They are priced in euros but work out about £78 each, or £86 including delivery if ordering only one. Given that the extra cost to get to free delivery is similar to the delivery cost, it might be worth buying accessories if there is anything you need in order to hit the £90 mark.
I just checked and they don't have all the colours in stock, but do have some.

MAsMum Tue 04-Nov-14 15:48:14

Thanks so much, I'll have a look.

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