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Free OK magazine when you buy a bottle of Schloer

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makapakasdirtysponge Wed 08-Oct-14 15:51:08

Not sure if I'm posting this in the right section as it's not a voucher code exactly or if anyone reads OK except me but you can get a free OK! mag if you buy a bottle of Schloer (or is it Shloer) with the special label on, which has a code under it. Shloer's cheaper than the magazine so it works out to be a pretty good deal.

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Sillysophie88 Thu 09-Oct-14 10:55:12

I love Schloer, the white one is lush. Picked up a bottle in tesco yesterday the offer bit is at the top of the bottle, pic below. Can't wait for my mag to arrive and have a sit down and read, if the twins ever get to sleep that is LOL smile

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