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South lakes zoo

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PotteringAlong Sun 13-Jul-14 17:57:58

Valid until August 18th, just print it out and take it with you!

Greengardenpixie Sun 13-Jul-14 18:07:13

Thank you! I go to the lakes tomorrow smile

PotteringAlong Sun 13-Jul-14 18:10:22

Good timing then smile

WeAllHaveWings Sun 13-Jul-14 18:31:08

Love south lakes animal park, one of our favourites.

Make sure you get to each of then animal feeding times as they are really good. They attach tigers food to top of huge telegraph poles and you get up close when feeding giraffe, and you can also hand feed lemurs grapes.

Small but quirky zoo. Would love to go back.

It's quite a drive down to south lakes though if you are not already in the south lake area, but worth it.

Greengardenpixie Sun 13-Jul-14 20:33:21

I come from just outside Glasgow. Not really that far tbh.

WeAllHaveWings Sun 13-Jul-14 21:15:51

Sorry, I meant if you are staying more central lake district its quite a drive. We were staying west of Keswick and with traffic it took nearly 2 hours to drive down to the park (A class roads a lot of the way if I recall). Quite a lot of driving for a day trip with young dc.

readrunraverelax Sun 13-Jul-14 21:18:56

This is a wonderful day out. I would say it is my favourite animal park/zoo ever.

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