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boden you BASTARDS - come up with a code now.

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KarlWrenbury Sun 29-Jun-14 14:08:27

or theres NO lightweight boat neck top action happening

KarlWrenbury Sun 29-Jun-14 14:57:59


KarlWrenbury Sun 29-Jun-14 20:34:52

hurls self about thread

KarlWrenbury Sun 29-Jun-14 23:04:44

You utter knobends

sugarhoops Mon 30-Jun-14 10:29:03

See the Boden sale thread for explanation! They won't offer anything now as its pre-sale week....sit tight and keep checking website!

Loletta Mon 30-Jun-14 11:49:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sugarhoops Mon 30-Jun-14 12:04:02

No I don't think so loletta - if you bought something from, say Next, then it went into its massive sale the very next day, they certainly wouldn't give you back the difference the next day. Legally they are not obliged to anyway.

ONly thing you could do is order it now, receive it at full price, send it back during sale and then re-order again very quickly at sale price, knowing that your size must be in stock as you've just sent it back. Risk is someone else will order it in the sale before you though.

I do know that the Boden sale is advertised first thing in the morning....but if you are a subscriber to its facebook page, you get notified at about 5pm the previous evening and can log in and make sales purchases then, before everyone else hits the next morning. (well, it used to work like that anyway, I'm not on FB anymore so perhaps its changed)

KarlWrenbury Mon 30-Jun-14 13:20:11

thanks everyone

Loletta Mon 30-Jun-14 15:48:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sugarhoops Mon 30-Jun-14 16:12:31

Well it must be worth a try then! If it doesnt work, you've just bought something you wanted at full price rather than half (or whatever it goes on sale at). I've never heard Boden do it before, but then i've never asked and I guess its not something they advertise....

Greengardenpixie Mon 30-Jun-14 17:53:49

You could order it then if it goes on sale purchase it and return the original? That way, you are guaranteed to have it.

FoodieToo Wed 02-Jul-14 22:06:04

Yes Boden always return price differences to me in Boden credit. Did it as recently as last week.

Loletta Wed 02-Jul-14 23:20:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

maxybrown Fri 04-Jul-14 11:11:35

Yes Boden do it within 7 days but I think the things still has to be in stock too

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