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Free family and friends railcard valid until 31st July

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cindersinsuburbia Thu 01-May-14 20:43:36

Hope it helps someone smile

Also £10 off a years railcard

Chumhum Thu 01-May-14 20:46:44

Thank you.

Rummikub Thu 01-May-14 20:49:57

Thank you!

ValiaH Thu 01-May-14 21:00:22

Thanks, I keep forgetting to renew ours!

ihatethecold Thu 01-May-14 21:08:01

Brilliant thanks

fusspot66 Thu 01-May-14 21:08:59


wolfofwestfieled Thu 01-May-14 21:10:14

THank you!

I need to travel in August - can I book tickets with this or presumably I'd have to show the card on the train?

Rummikub Thu 01-May-14 21:15:29

Think you'll have to show a valid card on train.

wolfofwestfieled Thu 01-May-14 21:25:18

Ok, thanks, thinking about it I could move my trip forward by a week as schools will have broken up. This has saved me tons of money, thanks for sharing op!

PinkSquash Thu 01-May-14 21:26:38

Excellent, thank you!

NickNackNooToYou Thu 01-May-14 21:28:12

Brilliant, thanks OP flowers wine smile

bumasbigasthetv Thu 01-May-14 21:29:22

Thank you

Ohwhatfuckeryisthis Thu 01-May-14 21:32:26

Bollox, dd just turned 16. It's great though, have done it for years.

cindersinsuburbia Thu 01-May-14 22:05:41

Glad its of use smile

Also you can have 2 names adults so you can share with someone... So it would only cost £10 each for a years card

serin Fri 02-May-14 22:13:05

Thank you thanks

Blackjackcrossed Sun 04-May-14 11:32:30

Thanks you!

BoffinMum Tue 13-May-14 19:55:13

Ace, thank you!

rookiemater Tue 13-May-14 20:17:10

Brill - went on to this topic for a Mint Velvet code and got a free railcard - ace !

TessTackle Tue 13-May-14 20:29:04

Thanks OP x

dagmarsablob Thu 15-May-14 19:44:58


Can still register til May 21st for free 2 month railcard and £10 off next 12 months.

GoingToBedfordshire Thu 15-May-14 19:50:03

Excellent, thank you so much!

dagmarsablob Wed 30-Jul-14 13:15:31

Just dredging this up to ask if anyone has tried to use the code for the £10 discount as the freebie expires tomorrow. I have tried online several times but it isn't being accepted. Has anyone else had problems?

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