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Boots Counter Vouchers - bargain!

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Nessalina Sun 02-Mar-14 22:51:30

Got a bargain in Boots today - thought I'd share!

I bought my lunch and a drink spending about £4.50 and was given a two-part voucher: £3 off No.7 makeup and £5 off No.7 skin care. Said on the reverse 'only one voucher per transaction' so decided to buy a £10 mascara and get the £3 off.

When I'd bought it, the clerk gave me back another voucher! So I thought, may as well see what I can get in skin care and get £5 off!

Picked up some makeup remover wipes for £7, and took them to the same clerk.
She was nice enough to point out that the two items I'd bought were on 3 for 2, so if I bought them in the same transaction I could get another thing free shock

Although the vouchers say you can use more than one, it means 'more than one of the SAME voucher'. So I bought mascara £10 (£3 off), toner £8 (£5 off), and got the makeup remover wipes free! £25 worth of stuff for just £10! grin

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