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20% OFF *everything* at Saint Bustier

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thelittlestpickle Fri 29-Nov-13 18:07:29

that's a great deal! love their bags! haven't seen an asos code but i'm not very happy with them at the moment anyway - the last few things I've bought from them have been really poor quality and had to go back (plus I spent all my budget on the saint bustier dresses!!! lol) x

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cristiejane Fri 29-Nov-13 15:50:18

same here just saw 15%, you got lucky! well done!! Ive just got 25% off at leather bags beautiful!!!!!!!! CODE is ZAT-25 so chuffed!! looking for ASOS code now? x

thelittlestpickle Fri 29-Nov-13 15:19:41

oh, i just saw that they're doing a 15% off discount code now.


still worth trying the 20% one too just in case lol

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thelittlestpickle Fri 29-Nov-13 15:16:28

You might have to be quick on this because I think it's an error but I just bought two Saint Bustier dresses using the discount code they emailed out yesterday for 20% off their Black Friday Collection stuff but I bought one dress that's part of the promotion and one that isn't and I got the 20% discount on BOTH dresses! WOOOOO! The code is meant to be valid all weekend but best use it quick before they spot the mistake!!! grin wink

Code is BLACK20

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