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Boden Sale Now On! Stacking Code!

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bsc Mon 21-Oct-13 13:00:21

It definitely worked for me last night!
I'm guessing they've closed the loophole now?

JustBecauseICan Mon 21-Oct-13 10:42:33

On another thread it said the Z codes are for Boden party organisers only, so they might not be honoured if we mere mortals try.

amandaL7272 Mon 21-Oct-13 10:38:48

I have found this 15% off Boden code that worked on sale items. I hope it helps.

amidaiwish Mon 21-Oct-13 10:27:54

thanks it worked - just got an extra £40 off (but nothing i was buying was in the sale)

johnworf Mon 21-Oct-13 09:41:50

Bum. Maybe Boden have cottoned on to this one and put the discount code in the box so it can't be changed.

Sorry ladies. sad

SoupDragon Mon 21-Oct-13 09:21:45

I only have the option to change the code too.

oliviafrombolivia Mon 21-Oct-13 09:17:06

thanks for this, how do you get the codes to stack? I can only change the code...

bsc Mon 21-Oct-13 00:43:34

Shame nothing DD liked was reduced... got a few bits for DS though.

johnworf Mon 21-Oct-13 00:12:25

Boden sale now on. Up to 40% off.

Use code Z363 for a further 20% off plus free delivery (works till 05/11/13)

Dig in!

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