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Next + Monsoon Sale ...

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MatlockMummy Sun 07-Jul-13 09:15:50

Does anyone know when we will get the invite via email to book our VIP slot for the next sale ? + also im sure the Monsoon sale starts this week .. anybody know which day please ? Thanku smile

idiot55 Sun 07-Jul-13 20:25:40

I have heard first emails for next are tomorrow pm, no idea if accurate though.

Dillydollydaydream Mon 08-Jul-13 10:35:48

I've heard it starts online 10th, in store 13th?

Dillydollydaydream Mon 08-Jul-13 13:31:49

I haven't had an email but I've just logged into my next account and the register for VIP slot was on there.

Dillydollydaydream Mon 08-Jul-13 13:32:35

Oh and it is the 10th 😁

QuiteOldGal Mon 08-Jul-13 16:29:10

Actually got an email for a slot this time. I had bought a couple of things but returned both so surprised I got one.

Slots start at 5.00pm on the 10th according to email. My time isn't til 18.30 so hopefully everything not gone.

QuiteOldGal Mon 08-Jul-13 16:30:48

Oh and email arrived at 14.10 today. Only just seen it though to register.

bawabod Mon 08-Jul-13 17:26:38

Anyone any info on the Monsoon sale.

MissClaws Mon 08-Jul-13 20:04:04

I've not got an email or slot on my account when I logged in, any ideas?? Thanks in anticipation flowers

idiot55 Mon 08-Jul-13 21:16:42

I had an email for monsoon but everything I wanted had sold!

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