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Clarks shoe codes. Will someone shout when one comes up?

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Jules04 Wed 04-Sep-13 10:55:43

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abigboydidit Wed 14-Aug-13 16:32:31

Thanks so much!

kikidee Wed 14-Aug-13 13:38:06

Hello, code BTS13 gives 20% off ladies shoes and bags when you spend over £39.99. They have little new season booklets in store with the vouchers but you can use the code on line. It's until the end of September I think.

abigboydidit Tue 13-Aug-13 09:16:30

Any codes out there? Thanks.

abigboydidit Mon 05-Aug-13 10:07:05

Bumping! DS needs shoes...again...blush

PJbysea Sat 06-Jul-13 21:31:59

BESORRY4 gives 10% off before Monday midnight.

Headred Tue 25-Jun-13 21:49:31

Brantano are doing 40% off a lot of clarks shoes until tomorrow evening. Just add mega as the promotion code. Hope it helps

Daffodilly Sat 22-Jun-13 16:16:15

Bump. I'd be grateful for a code as DD needs new school shoes! At this point in the year - argh.

Workinglate Wed 12-Jun-13 10:51:50


SofaCanary Tue 11-Jun-13 20:45:31

See if the ones you want are stocked here, they're much cheaper:

EliotNess Sat 08-Jun-13 16:31:16


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