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Is Baby Annabell ever on offer

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starjules Fri 17-May-13 19:46:47

My mum is buying my LO the all singing all dancing baby annabell for her birthday, I know sometimes toys r us do a 20% off day, but is it ever on discount anywhere? The cheapest I've seen it is between £40 and £47. If anyone saw them last year cheaper nearer to Christmas I don't mind waiting until then.

DontMeanToBeRudeBut Sat 18-May-13 16:01:00

They were on the Amazon Black Friday flash sale last year but there's only a limited number so I wouldn't hold out too much hope TBH. How about Tesco Clubcard voucher rewards?

WorkingtoohardMama Sat 18-May-13 16:07:48

I got her for dd last christmas from asda, they were on offer for £25, so might be worth waiting.

starjules Sat 18-May-13 17:36:33

oh good tips, I am saving my tesco vouchers so hopefully they do the clubcard nearer to christmas it is on there website at the moment but its OOS. I did check asda today but the only has the 1st baby annabell in. Thanks for the help.

WorkingtoohardMama Sat 18-May-13 18:08:57

Hopefully will be worth waiting, it was definitely the all singing all dancing one, brilliant for £25!

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