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Child care vouchers - is amount you can claim directly linked to your earnings??

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nononsensemum Thu 18-Apr-13 13:36:27

My husband just applied for £150 in child care vouchers per months but received a response for his HR team that due to is earnings (£70K per annum) he is only entitled to max claim of £124 per month. Had no idea the amount you can claim is directly linked to ones salary?? Also what is the maximum amount you can claim monthly and if above correct what's the minimum spearings requirements?

It has slightly put me off from going back to work as from Sep as was hoping to get back p/t and claim max amount of vouchers per month but in this case it looks like it may not be worth going back for? Btw what is the minimum salary on claiming the child care vouchers? Thanks.

Spikeinhiscoat Thu 18-Apr-13 13:52:32

I thought the maximum you can claim was about £243 a month, but that can be claimed per adult, so I claim that, and so does dh (but the combined amount still doesn't cover our childcare completely). Could it be because your dh would be paying the higher rate tax band? I don't know if there is a minimum salary for claiming, but isn't there an element of child tax credits that can be used for childcare (our has that stopped)?

cogitosum Thu 18-Apr-13 13:58:37

Everyone used to be able to get £243 regardless of earnings but from April 2011 higher rate taxpayers can only get £124 a month and additional rate taxpayers £110 a month (up from £97 from this month)

The idea is that the tax savings are all the sand although the NI savings mean that basic rate taxpayers save more overall.

MissClaws Thu 18-Apr-13 19:05:00

As Spikeinhiscoat says, it is per adult so if you were to go back to work, & as long as your earnings were within the lower rate tax band, you could still claim £243 per month. Best thing is to speak to your own HR to get a forecast & only work the back end of the week as you will end up owing for bank holidays especially if you are a slave to the government a public sector worker shock

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