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BoDen codes that actually works please.

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practicality Mon 04-Mar-13 14:54:27

Not one of the buggers is working now the summer stuff has been incorporated into their mainline.

Somebody must have one.

The link on Mumsnet ran out last year!


Tallulaxx Wed 22-May-13 11:14:42

Yes sure can x

Loulou000 Wed 22-May-13 11:24:57

I neeeeeeeeeed this code too! Do you think they'll ban you if you share with too many people? grin

Tallulaxx Wed 22-May-13 11:32:18

Thats it no one else I know Boden are not happy of the code gets out so it can't x

Tallulaxx Wed 22-May-13 11:36:28

Thats it now I might get brave after the party and give it out thanks x

Loulou000 Wed 22-May-13 12:18:58

Ha ha don't blame you Tallulaxx, thanks anyway.

Sara13 Thu 23-May-13 22:17:16

Whens the party!! I need a code too!! ... x

Tallulaxx Mon 27-May-13 08:41:20

I have a boden code if anybody wants it x

daisydotandgertie Mon 27-May-13 08:46:35

I'd love the boden code if you're able to PM it?

mzungu Mon 27-May-13 08:59:57

Would love it if you can pm, thanks!

VioletGoesVintage Mon 27-May-13 09:06:26

Could you PM me too, please?

parrotsandcarsnips Mon 27-May-13 09:29:40

I would love the code too please pm me. many thanks

KatieBV Mon 27-May-13 17:03:12

Oooh, could you please PM that to me please....Usually have a good code to hand, but nothing at the moment and I've got my eye on something!

herecomesthsun Mon 27-May-13 18:43:54

could you pm me too please, if you now/ still can smile

Nospringflower Mon 27-May-13 20:48:48

Could I have it too if you don't mind? Thanks.

MrsPoxY Mon 27-May-13 21:51:07

If it's still valid, may I have the code too, please? I need a new posh frock.

Loulou000 Tue 28-May-13 09:27:53

DMUK for 20% off.

MrsPoxY Tue 28-May-13 10:46:37

Thanks Loulou, we have a few events coming up, and I've lost weight so a) nothing fits me, and b) I've no idea what size I am now!

louisianablue2000 Tue 28-May-13 19:40:30

DMUK, 20% off plus free delivery and returns. Expires Thursday, then reduces to 15% for a day then 10% for a day.

Baker1837 Wed 29-May-13 00:14:51

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

QuiteOldGal Mon 03-Jun-13 15:34:30

A897 for 25% off selected items until 28th June - so sale maybe starts just after then <hopes>

Xalla Tue 04-Jun-13 05:37:49

I've got M785 for 25% off too.

natashaputtock Tue 04-Jun-13 08:47:00

new boden code for up to 25% off selected styles and free P&P M792

BerryBlast Tue 04-Jun-13 10:45:53

Just used M785 for a nice saving smile thanks Xalla thanks

CatherineofMumbles Sat 15-Jun-13 19:30:42

natashaputtock thanks!!!
have never shopped at Boden before but last night saw someone wearing the prefect dress. Do not normally ask, but I did, and it is a Boden dress, now in the sale shock, and you have saved me the postage as well, thanks!

vscr1 Fri 21-Jun-13 10:35:59

Q252 gives 30% and free delivery

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