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Activity superstore - seems a bit of a scam?

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SarahLundKicksAss Fri 01-Mar-13 15:16:45

Anyone had any experiences of this company? My DMIL bought DH & me an experience for Christmas. On trying to book it, we have found that in very small writing in the T&Cs inside you need a till receipt to validate. DMIL no longer has this, and according to their website, she can write with details of her credit card bill and /or bank statement to show payment, and they "may" validate the voucher. I asked them why you needed a till receipt, and why this isn't stated clearly on the box (it is on the bottom of the box! Who looks there!) - given some flannel about them having had problems with theft, and having till receipt validation is helping our customers!

Looking on the internet, there's lots of complaints and 1 star reviews for them - difficulties in contacting them, 0871 numbers at extortionate rates, misleading and disappointing experiences... anyone on here had any dealings with them?

SarahLundKicksAss Fri 01-Mar-13 20:08:19

Bumpety bump!

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