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ELC still do birthday club 10% off

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wewereherefirst Sat 26-Jan-13 03:00:47

We got one in December for DS2's first birthday next month. No free gifts in it, just a cardboard frog that you can't use properly.

Id just reregister or ring them and complain!

AmandinePoulain Sat 26-Jan-13 02:51:01

We just got one for dd (about to turn 5). It's a really long code so I'm assuming each one is unique and can only be used once. We haven't had a free gift for a few years though.

Scruffalo Sat 26-Jan-13 01:51:50

The code PARTY always used to work for 10% off, whether it was their birthday month or not-don't know if it still works though.

midastouch Sat 26-Jan-13 01:16:47

my oldest is only 3, strange hmm his first birthday i was sent a voucher and a nursery rhyme cd had nothing since then

MrsShrek3 Fri 25-Jan-13 22:13:03

they stop when your child is 6 so you need to get back on there and register them as a few years younger

midastouch Fri 25-Jan-13 22:10:43

I dont seem to get them anymore thought id have one for february birthday by now, any ideas?

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