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red magazine unfulfilled orders

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Grange Mon 17-Dec-12 10:37:56

I ordered a Michael Kors watch in the recent Red sale at the beginning of December. Despite them telling me it was dispatched the same day, I have just .phoned to chase up and apparently the order has been lost.
I know from a few other mumsnetters that they have also been told the same- wondering if the deal was ever fulfilled to anyone?
There was a couple of threads about this sale on this section that's why I am posting here.

LauriesFairyonthetreeeatsCake Mon 17-Dec-12 10:54:03

Yep, they've just said the same to me - the Alex monroe bee was apparently dispatched on the 3rd (the same day as a second order I ordered was sent) and I didn't receive it.

He said after this length of time that we needed to consider it lost and he refunded me.

Never mind, hopefully some will turn up on ebay cheap after Christmas.

Grange Mon 17-Dec-12 10:58:22

Thats exactly what they said to me! It doesn't sit right with me that no one I know has had their order fulfilled hmm

Ambassadoryouarespoilingme Mon 17-Dec-12 14:48:30

hi there, there are loads of threads on here complaining about the monumental xxxx up that RedDirect had with orders. Lots of people tried to use the 40% off code and the RD website couldn't cope, so looked like the order had gone through but they couldn't fulfil it. If you search under 'RedDirect' on Mumsnet you'll see loads of comments by disappointed punters. My watch was never sent but I still had to call up to ask for a refund. They are total amateurs and I'll never shop with them again (unless they have a massive discount, when all my principles will fly out of the window.)

pickofthepops Mon 17-Dec-12 16:18:46

And me. Called and was told it was coming out less two items. I hadn't been told. Was told I had been refunded. Chased twice was told it had been couriered but returned to them. No reason given. . Was told to call back to rearrange delivery. Called and was told I had been refunded. That refund took a week. Original one took nearer two weeks. No reply to my email. Was so disappointed. Total amateurs and a culture of lying. Feel sorry for staff there dealing with that crap at Xmas.

Grange Mon 17-Dec-12 19:13:16

Thanks Ambassador. Just noticed the threads. I am so annoyed at their blatant lies and customer service. I will be emailing the editor as suggested on a thread.
When I queried the order last week I was told it had been dispatched. Today I got told the couriers (hermes) had lost the order. It is a sham.
I will be watching closely for my refund.

LeoandBoosmum Tue 18-Dec-12 00:56:37

Happened to me too. Fortunately, I had only ordered a few items. I got an order confirmation email immediately after I placed an order. I paid for express delivery and when I'd received nothing a week later I called to see what was going on. I was assured that all was fine, my order was being processed and all the items were available for dispatch. I was told they had been very busy due to the promotion but that I could expect my order in the next week.
Fast forward 5 days and I wake up to an email stating that three out of the four items I'd ordered were unavailable! I called them and was basically told it was bad luck (I said.. 'Bad planning on RD's behalf, more like!') I was told I would get my fourth item and for the inconvenience the p&p would be waived.
An hour or two later I went on to RD's site and saw one of the items I was told was unavailable was actually in stock but at full price. I called them and they sold me the item (a diary) at the reduced cost and again waived the p&p. The woman I spoke to told me it was a good job I called as I had only been refunded the shipping and not for the items I had originally been charged for. She was actually on the ball and a refund for the oos items showed in my account a day or three later... I have my diary now but not the personalised cup I ordered for my SO from the dogs. It's to go with a coffee maker I've got him for Christmas so it'd better turn up in time. I would NEVER use them again and told them so!

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