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zulily code?

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KvetnutsRoastingOnAnOpenFire Wed 05-Dec-12 16:05:00

just got this email:

Hi KvetnutsRoastingOnAnOpenFire,

Just to let you know about that Zulily offer, it turns out that the offer has expired, and our sales team will be taking it down soon.

Thanks so much for bringing it to our attention, and we've been told that there are more offers coming in the New Year!


WhispersOfWickedness Wed 05-Dec-12 16:03:43

Does the postage change per order then? I bought a doll earlier and it was £3.95 postage...

Orangesarenottheonlyfruit Wed 05-Dec-12 10:25:46

Me too!! Trying to buy some pj's but with 6 quid postage and no mn discount they are nearly 30 quid!!!
Not sure Zulily is that bargainous.

WhispersOfWickedness Wed 05-Dec-12 07:36:59

I was just coming on to ask that question too!

KvetnutsRoastingOnAnOpenFire Wed 05-Dec-12 07:34:08

I just tried the MN 20MUMSNE15 code but it is apparently invalid - does anyone have a code I can use? thanks smile

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