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natterpatter Fri 16-Nov-12 17:58:52

Never and I mean NEVER order from this company. I was on the look out for micro scooters for my kids for christmas, and after reading a few threads on mumsnet I took the advice of ordering from this company to get a great deal.

I agree that their micro scooters are significantly cheaper than in the UK (about £30 cheaper for a maxi). However the benefits stop there!! Please read on in order to avoid all of the trouble I have had with them.

First of all I placed my order for 2 scooters in september and the money was debited from my account immediately and i received an email confirming my order. After 2 weeks I had received or heard nothing so I contacted them and was told that the scooters I had ordered would not be in stock until the 12th of December( No note of this when I placed the order). They gave my the option of a different colour available now for the mini, but I would have to wait for a maxi of any colour. I agreed to this and waited for the mini scooter to arrive. It did arrive quickly but that was when my problems began.

The mini micro arrived with a broken brake so I emailed the company to ask them for an exchange ( or a replacement brake). I had absolutley no contact from them for 2 weeks despite me sending daily emails. At that point I decided not to wait for the maxi micro to arrive and tried to cancel that order . Another week of emails and another week of no response. I decided to try phoning them, and spoke to about 6 differerent people over 3 days asking for a refund for the maxi and a replacement for or money off the broken mini. Again I got nowhere - they said they would ring me back and never did. Finally after calling them 4 times in one afternoon someone actually took note of the problem and asked that I send photos of the broken scooter - photos were dutifully sent and I phoned them to make sure they received them and was told they would forward this to the maufacturer before they would offer any discount.

4 Days later and still no word I had to phone them again. The said it would be at leaast another weekbefore they heard back from the manufacturers. They refused to refund me the maxi scooter first and the discount later saying paypal charged them for performing refunds ( this despite the fact that they had my money for 2 months!!).

In the end I told them I would just pay full price for the broken scooter in order to get my money back for the maxi I hadn't yet received!!! They said they would refund the money back straight away but 4 hours later I had heard nothing from paypal, so I phoned them back at which point he literally shouted at me that he had done it already. He clearly hadn't as 5 minutes after this phone call I got an email from paypal informing me of a refund. If only it ended here. Oh no - they had refunded me for the micro and not the maxi - phone call again - rudely told it was the maxi they had sent me!! AHHH - after I told them politely to check their records, I finally got the refund for the correct amount for the maxi.

So all in all, I was out of pocket for 2 months, paid full price for a broken scooter, and saved no money at all as I had to by a new brake!!!


natterpatter Fri 16-Nov-12 19:54:58

sportgigant need to understand the importance of customer service - i since contacted micro scooters uk and they are giving me a free brake despite the fact I didnt even order the scooter from them - now that is what I call good customer service!!!!!!!!!

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