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iPod at Tesco - 2149 clubcard points and £10 off

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WeAllHaveWings Thu 08-Nov-12 09:47:35

Just ordered an iPod Touch 16GB for ds from Tesco.

Cost £159 + £3 delivery.

Got 2149 clubcard points (= £21.49, will keep and double up to ~£43 at next event)

Also used dh's email address and code TDX-WRKT for £10 off first Tesco direct delivery.

So got for £159 + £3 - £43 - £10 = £109 smile

WeAllHaveWings Thu 08-Nov-12 13:19:40

jsut found out you need a different clubcard number to create a new account with another email (mine worked as my account had an old clubcard number against it).

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