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ELC Promotion Code?

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Journey Thu 06-Sep-12 16:17:13

Does anybody have a promotion code for ELC? Thank you.

sarahedwards Sat 22-Jun-13 20:20:20

Does anyone have a valid ELC please?

FreshWest Wed 28-Nov-12 10:31:49

I just got an email this morning.
25% off using code SANTA25 online or on the phone.

Valid until Wednesday 5th December. I don't think there's a minimum spend either. I've read as much small print as I can and can't see anything!

Clare800 Sun 25-Nov-12 11:31:25

You can now get 20% off when spending just £50 at ELC, better than the one where you had to spend £75 to get the 20% off.

I've mentioned it before but this site seems pretty quick off the mark with the ELC codes. ELC Discount Codes

It expires on 26th Nov (tomorrow). I've no doubt they will bring out more but as we get closer to Christmas I'm not so sure.

OlyR Fri 23-Nov-12 13:56:53

I have a code: E4HD
Title: Save up to 50% on your favourite brands.

sh77 Fri 23-Nov-12 12:17:49


20% off

UnrequitedSkink Thu 22-Nov-12 17:42:35

Anyone got a recent code? Thanks!

kellestar Tue 13-Nov-12 12:11:44

any recent codes? I've a basket with £25 waiting to order... thanks in advance.

mumnosbest Sun 11-Nov-12 11:32:23

sad thats awful!

AmazingBouncingFerret Sun 11-Nov-12 11:13:51

You are welcome, the bastards sent it to me because apparantly i'm a valued customer. confused the last time I shopped there was the day before they made me redundant on my 10 years long term service anniversary...

<not bitter though> wink

mumnosbest Sun 11-Nov-12 11:08:51

Ooh thank you. Happy Land here I come thanks

AmazingBouncingFerret Sun 11-Nov-12 10:59:32


25% off including existing reductions.

mumnosbest Sun 11-Nov-12 10:57:09

Any current codes? Ones you don't have to spend £75 to use.

INeedThatForkOff Mon 05-Nov-12 04:00:16

Does anyone know of a current code please?

fromheretomaternity Fri 02-Nov-12 23:12:00

Anyone know if E4HD works in store? or got any codes that do?

Wheredidmyyouthgo Fri 02-Nov-12 08:43:09

Thanks! Just used E4HD via the mothercare site no problem.

Firstgold Tue 30-Oct-12 14:49:56

E4HD gives you 20% off if you spend over 75 quid. Expires 4 November. Use through Quidco and you get a further 4% off (via cashback) I think

chickenspots Mon 29-Oct-12 20:46:27

SAVANNAH no longer working - anyone got a current one?

Clare800 Sun 28-Oct-12 12:10:48

Nope, this codes are not single use codes. They work for anyone up to the expiry date. (sometimes for a little while after too).

Looks like the 20% off code expired on the 26th :-(

Keep an eye on this particular discount voucher site as the elc codes are kept pretty much up to date unlike other sites I've used in the past.

rach1309 Fri 26-Oct-12 21:34:48

Do these codes only work once?

Clare800 Thu 25-Oct-12 19:53:49

Early Learning Centre ELC doing 20% off code again. Keep an eye on this page, sometimes is 20% of anything, at the moment its 20% of orders over £75

Daisy13511 Fri 12-Oct-12 09:41:37

SAVANNAH is working! Just ordered the pink kitchen and got 20% off! Think its valid until the end of Oct so great for early Christmas presents! Plus there's free delivery too! Very happy indeed x

milk Wed 26-Sep-12 15:45:57

Thank you smile Saved £6 grin

peasorbeans Mon 24-Sep-12 22:30:21

SAVANNAH is still working tonight too. Thank you very much indeed.

whoneedstosleep Wed 12-Sep-12 02:34:20

SAVANNAH still working. Thank you

BoffinMum Mon 10-Sep-12 22:18:38

SAVANNAH just worked for me

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