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Does anyone have a spare PIZZA EXPRESS "Claim Your Summer" August code they could lend me?

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franch Fri 03-Aug-12 21:02:43

I say "lend" because I have a pile of them at home but am out of the country and urgently need to renew our family railcard - for which I'd like the Pizza Express discount. So if you have a code you won't need for a couple of weeks, could I have it and I'd be happy to send you one of my codes when I get home on 12 Aug if needed?

Thanks in advance!

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craftynclothy Fri 03-Aug-12 21:06:07

I have one. Will pm you

franch Tue 07-Aug-12 12:16:40

Crafty thanks so much but it didn't work!! Does anyone else have one ....?

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nopressure Tue 07-Aug-12 12:37:24

I have. Will PM you. Didn't realise you could use them for friends and family railcard. What discount do you get? We need a new one at the end of August.

franch Tue 07-Aug-12 12:40:48

Thanks nopressure! It's 20% off. Note they haven't put a promotional code box on the renewal page so if you want to use the code to renew (rather than buy for the 1st time) you have to call them and explain (which I just did but then didn't have a valid code!).

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nopressure Tue 07-Aug-12 12:46:19

No worries, pleased to help. Don't worry about sending me a code back, I still have a couple more which should be more than enough!

franch Tue 07-Aug-12 12:57:08

Many thanks for your help both crafty and nopressure. Crafty, I think both codes you sent me were fine - the 2nd guy I spoke to said they weren't accepting any codes in that format at all - so I've worked out I think they've set it up so it only works for new customers, not for people renewing. But that is not in the Ts&Cs. So after a bit of confusion the nice man said 'Don't worry, I've got a 20% off code here, you can have that one.'

Sorted! Thanks again.

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