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H&M codes?

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shelley72 Wed 25-Jul-12 19:04:36

Hi does anyone have a current H&M code please? Have a big order to place!


odetothewestwing Thu 02-Aug-12 09:27:52


halfbabyhalfbiscuit Wed 08-Aug-12 16:36:33

Try the following:-

1304 for £5 off
9696 or 9690 for 25% off the highest priced item; and
9899 for 10% off order

The first two work together but haven't treid the 10% off one yet

boringnamechange Sat 18-Aug-12 23:47:16

Bumping this as the £5 off still works thanks!

lamborghinicountach Sat 20-Oct-12 18:12:01

Bumping again as the £5 off is still working!!

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