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Tesco money off petrol offer

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northender Thu 12-Jul-12 18:22:24

So, if you spend £50 or more on groceries online at Tesco then you get a discounted fuel voucher. The £50 cannot include the delivery charge but is the total taken before any deductions ie voucher codes?

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TodaysAGoodDay Thu 12-Jul-12 18:27:27

Um, are you asking a question or stating a fact confused

northender Thu 12-Jul-12 18:32:54

Asking the question. I've looked through the terms and conditions and it doesnt mention anything about discount codes but clearly states it doesn't include delivery charges

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BikeRunSki Thu 12-Jul-12 18:38:32

You get a voucher stapled to your paperwork, which you take to the petrol station to be scanned. Not all Tesco filling stations do it, as some are franchises of oil companies' filling stations under Tesco brand.

rufus5 Thu 12-Jul-12 18:42:30

Yes, I fairly sure it's the total before voucher reductions. I had a shop which was above £50 before reductions, the vouchers took it below £50, but I still got the petrol coupon. However that was a few months ago the last time they did this offer, so they may have changed their policy this time round.

KnittingNovice Thu 12-Jul-12 18:45:59

Not sure about tesco,but at sainsburys it has to be after all the discounts have been applied.

northender Thu 12-Jul-12 18:49:52

Thanks for the replies. Think I'll go for it and see what happens. I don't normally shop there but am trying to combine a couple of good offers to get maximum benefit!

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rosiedom Thu 12-Jul-12 21:18:20

Just in case you are not aware.... you can use several of these petrol coupons together ie so you get 10 or 15p off per litre of fuel. You can only use the petrol coupons issued through not the ones from in store for this offer but it's useful to know =)

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