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ELC currently have 50% off their Rosbud Doll's House

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perceptionreality Sun 01-Apr-12 14:36:37

And various discounts off the furniture and doll sets - makes it an absolute bargain if someone is after a doll's house and accessories.

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shelley72 Sun 01-Apr-12 18:01:32

i was! i went in yesterday to pick it up to put up for xmas and it was really badly made, wonky doors, ledges not straight etc - this of course could just be the one i looked at - the only one they had. was such a shame as its a much better price than the one in john lewis sad. i may try another branch and see if its any better. did get some bargain paints though!

perceptionreality Sun 01-Apr-12 23:21:42

Oh no Shelley! Well the one I looked at in the shop seemed ok to me - is this perhaps an updated badly made model different from the one I saw some months ago? I wanted one for my dd's 3rd birthday next week. If it's rubbish I may return it and look else where.

My older girls had a Plan Toy one (not coloured) when they were little. This was very well made but I gave it away, thinking I would not have another baby! I read on here that the ELC doll house looks like it was made by Pintoy so I thought it would be ok.

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