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Boden discount code

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longlongway Wed 22-Feb-12 11:01:59

I have been sent a £10 boden voucher and wondered if anyone has a discount code i could use with it. Thanks.

Birdspa Wed 08-Aug-12 14:58:37

Me too. Many thanks. Free returns as well.

Joleigh123 Thu 09-Aug-12 13:26:38

Darn, just tried EBAY and TNKS and neither works! Anyone know any other discount codes?! Boden is one of those places you are a FOOL if you pay full price!! Apparently.....! ;-)

Joleigh123 Thu 09-Aug-12 13:34:02

Aaah, TKNS not TNKS still works! Or Q222 for just 10% off if other one expires...

knittingmum Tue 14-Aug-12 17:02:32

TKNS still working today! Thanks smile

JamesTobysMum Wed 15-Aug-12 20:11:31

Thank you 15% off and free P&P with TKNS
even better than my normal hard to beat Quidco!
Quidco have got 9% cashback on George at ASDA - great for school uniforms!

BlondieJ Thu 16-Aug-12 20:34:49

I have just used it now and got 15% and free delivery and returns. Thank you!

skirt Sun 19-Aug-12 17:43:36

Used it just now and it still worked. Thanks

Bodenbod Tue 21-Aug-12 22:32:00

Does anyone know any current discount codes for Boden? Thank you!

ItMakesThePeasTasteFunny Tue 21-Aug-12 22:36:58

TKNS 15% - free delivery and returns

Slavella Thu 23-Aug-12 08:28:30

Anyone got a code for Boden to use now, just realised the one I tried to use expired on 17th August?

InspiredToBoot Fri 24-Aug-12 16:19:15

TKNS still works

JamesTobysMum Fri 24-Aug-12 21:21:12

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

loubielou79 Tue 28-Aug-12 11:23:41

Does anyone know when Boden are likely to have a 25% off promotion? Desparate for some decent maternity clothes!

Pastabee Tue 28-Aug-12 19:36:23

TKNS still working. Thank you.

Onlinetalk Mon 03-Sep-12 20:08:23

20% Off (3rd-6th September ), 15% Off (7th September), 10% off (8th September) plus Free Delivery & Returns - code DDUK.

MmeBoulaye Tue 04-Sep-12 21:22:15

DDAF for 20% off, plus free delivery and returns, until 6-Sep-12.

flashgirl Sun 09-Sep-12 09:15:15

tkns just worked. 15% and free delivery/returns

MsPod Tue 11-Sep-12 14:15:44

aaahhhh - missed the voucher deadline! does anyone know a new code I can use for Boden please??

Flossiechops Tue 11-Sep-12 21:27:39

Tkns will give 15% & free delivery and returns until Christmas, if you go through quidco you get another 5% cash back too smile

Laska42 Wed 12-Sep-12 11:32:00

Tkns ...Brilliant! thanks !!

toomuchribbon Mon 17-Sep-12 09:27:13

Tkns works, thank you!

WheresTheBrightSide Thu 20-Sep-12 10:58:57

TKNS- thank you for that! x

CeliaFate Thu 20-Sep-12 11:40:16


25% Off Selected Autumn Styles Plus Free Delivery And Returns at Boden

MabelStark Fri 21-Sep-12 04:05:35

tkns still working - free delivery - thanks!

agateonyx Fri 21-Sep-12 09:03:04

Get 25% off on selected Autumn Styles + 3.75% cashback if you visit via a cashback site..

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