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Anyone got any idea when the Boden sale will start?

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Pinkchampagne Fri 09-Dec-11 12:41:12

It seems later this year. I am sure it was early December last year

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donnie Fri 09-Dec-11 12:43:33

I did an order yesterday using L988 and got 25% off everything plus free returns/posting!

Try it smile

Pinkchampagne Fri 09-Dec-11 12:44:49

Thanks - will give it a Often works out cheaper doing it that way, as during sale you have to pay p&p

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TaraQ Fri 09-Dec-11 14:08:51

Darn - just tried it but doesnt work. !!! A pair of boots on there I like the look of but not sure of sizing so was hoping for a code that involves free returns so that I can send them back if wrong. Never mind! x

Pinkchampagne Fri 09-Dec-11 14:31:39

Maybe they are stopping all codes as the sale is soon to start

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tvfriend Fri 09-Dec-11 17:18:26

Just had email to say Boden shop shut on Sunday to prepare for the sale on Monday (but they will prob be sneaky and start on Sunday online I suspect...).

Pinkchampagne Fri 09-Dec-11 18:18:42

Ah, thanks for that, tvfriend - I will keep a look outsmile

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muffinmum Sun 11-Dec-11 01:42:55

Thanks for that heads up As I'm getting obsessive checking whether it's started yet!!

Kimster24 Mon 19-Dec-11 23:22:22

Do boden have a further reductions sale? Just got quite a few long sleeve t shirts for my daughter in the December sale.. And I just wanting to know if they do a further reduction sale like they did in the summer???? All daughters clothes fit and quality good,

Pinkchampagne Tue 20-Dec-11 10:09:09

They normally do a further reduction sale, reducing bits up to 60% rather than 50%

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