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Berghaus long down jacket 40% off

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chickenlickin Mon 05-Dec-11 19:35:13

Just received my jacket, lovely and warm! Had my eye on the North Face ones but over £200!! This one reduced from £159 to £95

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VivaLeBeaver Mon 05-Dec-11 19:36:44

I have this coat and its lovely.

assumpta Tue 06-Dec-11 07:10:24

Hi, does the discount automatically come off, or is there a code?

chickenlickin Tue 06-Dec-11 07:34:36

Automatically I think

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teddyandsheep Thu 08-Dec-11 16:41:38

It doesn't seem to be reduced anymore?

loopeylu Fri 09-Dec-11 10:58:23

25% off with Blacks - so £119. But if you buy through quidco you get another 6% cashback.. HAve just ordered one

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