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Nintendo DS. Any good deals out there?

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MoaningMinnieWhingesAgain Sat 26-Nov-11 00:19:47

I think you can play 3d or normal games on them. But I'm just not interested, because my DCs are too young to be allowed to use the 3d and I couldn't be less interested and I have a DSi XL of my own

JaneBirkin Fri 25-Nov-11 23:10:15

I was tempted by the 3ds but then ds1 told me that you can only play special games on it - and we have a load for the dsi already, so if he's right, I'm not going there.

I think we'll stick with what we know works!

MoaningMinnieWhingesAgain Fri 25-Nov-11 21:27:24

Sainsburys have the 3DS for £119 at the moment. But the DSi is £119 as well! Crap.

JaneBirkin Thu 24-Nov-11 18:37:21

Everyname - I've sent you a PM!

Obviously if OP wants it then that's fine, sorry to hijack.

I was going to post that they had 3DS players in Sainsburys yesterday for £120, if anyone is interested.

trixymalixy Thu 24-Nov-11 18:11:14

I got one in tesco for £105 (plus clubcard points) using their £10 off a £75 spend voucher. Not sure it's still valid.

vjg13 Thu 24-Nov-11 18:01:45

Marks and spencer had an offer a few weeks ago. Maybe they'll have it again.

Everynameithinkofisused Thu 24-Nov-11 16:41:35

I have a new unopened black dsi bought during a mid snow panic last year when I ordered2 from different stores. Didn't return them in the post christmas frenzy.
Going to put it on the for sale site. Realise you might want one from a store but would take£50 for it.

hotmamalovespavlova Thu 24-Nov-11 16:30:58

Instore only btw

hotmamalovespavlova Thu 24-Nov-11 16:29:44

Try sainsburys...they have 25% off at the moment

MoaningMinnieWhingesAgain Thu 24-Nov-11 12:22:35

I don't want to get it from ebay either, somewhere I can return to if there is a problem. Got one last year from game for £99 for console plus Pokemon Black - which was a massive bargain, but they are all a lot dearer now sad

chocolatchaud Thu 24-Nov-11 12:20:15

The best place I have found so far is Game - not spectacular though.

There are loads cheaper on ebay, but they are imported and I'm not sure I trust them.

MoaningMinnieWhingesAgain Thu 24-Nov-11 12:19:44

Cheapest I have seen is toys r us, bundle with 3 games, DSi , for £135 here

But - I don't want a bundle, just a DSi, and want it under £100 so I am not getting it at the moment.

AnyoneForPimms Thu 24-Nov-11 12:16:32

looking to buy a nintendo DS for dd2 for Christmas. Doesn't have to be the latest 3d one, just a good deal.

Best place to buy please

Thanks grin

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